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History of YC
It was over a hundred years ago when YC Precision Fabrication began as York Corrugating
Company in 1902. Back then, YC manufactured metal gutters, spouting and corrugated roofing
and siding for commercial buildings – which explains our name.

Although YC was founded as a manufacturing company, our early management realized the
value to our customers of supplementing our
own manufactured products with those from
others.  So within a few years of its beginning, YC was already expanding its services to include a plumbing Wholesale Division – which is still a strong piece of the YC Company today.

In 1917, YC established our Metal Stamping Division, and
one of our first products was manu-facturing replacement fenders for both the Ford Model T and Indian motorcycles.
Today we’ve expanded our operations to over 177,000 sq. ft. and house the latest, modern machines in metal fabrication technology.

Much has changed since those early years but YC continues
to be a progressive company moving forward to service our customers in the finest, most efficient manner possible. We
take great pride in our ability to incorporate the best state of
the art technology while maintaining good, old fashion
customer service.


YC Heritage Statement

YC is proud of our Heritage. It is based on integrity, family and respect for our co-workers. With determination and pride we have seen good and bad times but through it all the commitment of
our employees, their families, the community and the company leadership have positioned us to
where we are now.

We have all been direct beneficiaries of our company’s success over the years. However, past performance does not predict future success. We must become more effiecient, service the
customer better and strive to improve on a daily basis if we are to flourish.

We are survivors, we perservere, and we succeed, it’s the YC way.

Let us show you how YC is A Cut Above The Rest.
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